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released December 16, 2010

Camilo Medina
(Guitars, Piano, Bass, Vocals)
Darrin Higgins
(Drums, Percussion)

Vocals from Kara Mia Fenoglietto in Seasons, I Won’t Be There, We’ve Got It Good, and Take Me Back.
Vocals from Juan Fernando Aguilar in Seasons, and We’ve Got It Good.
Percussion from Guillermo Rodriguez in Seasons, We’ve Got It Good and Maybe.
Violins from Leah Schoenburg in We’ve Got It Good, Maybe and Take Me Back.



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Continental Breakfast Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Seasons
They say the moon is the fire of the sunset and the midnight rain. The streets are cluttered with the piles of red dry leafs under the train. All the good times go like the rays and snow. All the good times go like the river flows. And the blue sky is tired from all those summers in vain. May this good soil bear the flowers from all our little seed grains.
Track Name: I Won't Be There
You swing your charm and your sweet talk, babe when you’re ready, I won’t be there. You keep me here waiting on you, babe when you’re ready, I won’t be there. But you found your ways to keep my eyes on you tonight,
it’s clear to say that the only one who sees this fire is me. Oh you seem to be occupied, well, maybe I am too.Your coat and the lipstick on your face have the prettiest red I’ve seen. It breaks me but I won’t be there for you. I came to be your second prize, baby when you’re ready, I won’t be there. Your midnight calls are pointless now, babe when you’re ready, I won’t be there. My pal once said marry a pretty girl with light eyes and a heart kind and gentle. Then she’ll become part of you. She won’t bring you down, go and get her, leave the rest behind.
Track Name: We've Got It Good
Your hands ran so smooth, it’s black and gray, branches over our heads, hazy times once met. Our exquisite taste for bad books and plays took me out of a blue for a fleeting mirth. But you know, we’ll be just fine, Cause’ we’ve got it good the wind will keep us safe. Seed of mine, I will see you soon. There’s a man on the corner side howling things that might be half right, it makes me speculate on my wicked self. Well, I’ve shattered all the words that my soul goes by. With my filthy arms I killed purity. When the train gets home things won’t be so bad after all.
Track Name: Maybe
You and me, we have become good friends, but you just seem to hide the things you really feel. Your navy eyes, the way you twist your lips, the nicotine at night wandering around. Maybe you’ll go away and you’ll be just like the rest. Cause’ lady, you know your ways to make a foolish man fall apart for you. All the times that I have spent with you will soon become a thought too wistful for recall. Well, all of you know well what to get, but soon enough you’ll part leaving
grief inside.
Track Name: Young
Every child grows old, every leaf’s doomed to fall. It’s just how things go. I’ve seen you’ve grown, you’ve taken steps that I knew you would. We’re still young. Take your chant, impel all hope, you well know how to keep a friend. Every child grows old, every leaf’s doomed to fall, it’s just how things go, I just don’t wanna fall alone. That ocean line, I see no more, is now for you to run. Oh southern breeze, you take the roots. Someday we’ll call the same place home. Everything turned out okay, got up watched the winter graze, everyone. And all the faces I’ve met seemed to make this home.
Track Name: Take Me Back
Some people die, this is just a way for us to love the ones who still remain. I have an empty heart when it comes to my old land. Sometimes you change and you leave the old ways. Take me back to where I was born because I’ve heard of things I’ve never seen before. Jesus Christ and his mother hang from walls and this will always stay the same. You’ll hold my hand and we’ll go to a near by place. Your face remains and the things we used to make. Sometimes it’s good to be who you used to be. I was a little kid once.